Waterproof flooring changes everything

If you need water damage protection, you know that waterproof flooring is the best option. These floors perform even in flood conditions with outstanding results. And with a lifespan that can reach 20 years or more, you have a lot of time to enjoy them.

These floors are perfect for specific areas, but they work in every room. There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes from whole-home waterproofing. It's a great way to create spaces that you don't have to worry about with pets and children.

The best durability and more

We know that waterproof flooring protects you from water damage. In kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers, this benefit is valuable. But the same benefits are helpful in every room if your pets have free range. But these floors work for other types of protection as well. You'll see fewer dents, scrapes, scratches, and stains wherever these floors are installed. With children and teens in the house, this is a valued advantage throughout your home.

You can ask about thicker flooring and wear layers if you need more durability. But you can also use waterproof vinyl flooring with runners and area rugs where traffic is highest. We can discuss all your durability needs while you're here.

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Enjoy visuals you'll love

Waterproof flooring is perfect for matching any decor you currently have in place. Rustic, contemporary, or eclectic styles find the best match. And you can mix and match as necessary to create a look that's all your own. Some of these materials mimic all-natural wood, stone, and tile flooring. Many color and texture variations offer personalizations that match any style or motif. And you can customize waterproof and water-resistant flooring looks with ease, depending on your interior design.

The latest flooring trends best serve some homes. These looks meet your needs while also keeping you current. And some of these can remain in style for years to come.

Choose our waterproof flooring for your home

Top Deck Flooring is a flooring store that works to ensure your best waterproof flooring results for any size remodel. We want to put all our experience to work for you to provide the very best results. So, browse our extensive inventory and talk with our staff about your best options.

We cater to residents from Orange, TX, Vidor, TX, Vinton, LA, Beaumont, TX, and Nederland, TX. And you'll find your best waterproof vinyl flooring in our Vidor, TX showroom while you're here. We invite you to stop by today to get a remodel underway.